Importance of Sun, Moon, and Ascendant

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I've heard from various people (those that study astorolgy) that the "most" influential sign isn't the Sun sign, but probably the Moon sign.
I see in Wikipedia (under Ascendant) it says:
        "most astrologers believe that the Rising Sign exerts an influence equal to or more powerful than the Sun and Moon."

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    The Ascendant is a little part of who we are but not overpowering the other signs. The older we get, the more like our moon sign we become because we mature and understand our inner selves a bit more. The rising is more or less the way people percieve us. It's a mask we put on. When we peel that off that's when we show our true colors. The sun is our drive. It shows what motivates us.
    • I have read when Scorpio Rises it can be quite strong also my neice who is 6 is a Libra Sun with Taurus Moon and Aries rising, and that Aries rising seems to dominate for the most part, she is very bossy and competitive and you rarely see the Libran sun influence. Her moon is in the 1st house though so that would bring out the Aries more also.
  • I have always read that our ASCENDANT reflects our true, inner personality
    while our SUN SIGN reflects the outer personality that we allow the world to see.

    I have further read that our EMOTIONAL tendencies are given by the Moon's sign,
    that many WOMEN emulate their Venus sign, and
    that many MEN emulate their Mars sign.
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      Not sure where you got that information. The Ascendant is exactly as was described earlier. It's not who we truly are but it's whatever first impression people get from us. It's a mask or the front lawn of the house, if you will. The Sun is the exterior of the house and the moon is the inner part of the house. Our true inner selves is the moon and our sun is our motivation, our drive. Our Energy is Mars, our communication is Mercury, Our love and happiness is Venus or what makes us happy, how we approach relationships. Saturn is restrictions and Karma. We are influenced by more than just one sign. Not all Lunar Scorpio's are gonna be exactly alike, not all Leo suns or Aquarius moons will be exactly alike. It depends on which is the more dominant sign(s). I would think fixed would be the most dominant. Mutable the least. Cardinal in between.
      • Hmmm, just wondering.. what happens if both my moon sign (Scorpio...=) ) and ascendant-Aquarius are both fixed.. when do you know when one is stronger...
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          You appear to the world as an Aquarius but once people get to know you better they'll realize that you're more Scorpionic. The Ascendant is the surface mask you put on. But who are you deep down inside? Different situations, different star signs playing a role in each situation. My five year old sun is a Capricorn sun on the cusp of Aquarius, he has an Aries moon and a Leo Ascendant. He's loud and yells a lot. He likes to be noticed so he seems like a Leo but he's also got that quick temper and forgives as easily as he angers. But overall he's a ham so that's pretty much how people will see him. He's got a strong Aquarius stellium too. So that probably is what makes him more of who he is. An Aquarius. Very friendly, very unique and very headstrong.
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          Eliz, my partner's moon is scorpio and ascendant aquarious, so maybe you can give me some advise. He has been talking about 3some sex with another guy before he had sex with me. Although the frequency of the topic has reduced over the past 4 months, but I heard it again yesterday. Does he really mean it? Please help...... I thought scorpio doesn't want to share lover with another guy......
          He frequently said that one day I might meet someone else and he might meet another girl. He said life is full of changes, and you never know what is going to happen. Man. Is he being pessimistic, or he doesn't want long term relationship?
  • I think once you learn more about your chart and placements you can tell what fits and what doesn't. I personally feel the influence of all 3 signs and I do feel that the 3 for me do sum up the main "themes" of me ....they are the core of my personality.

    I have the highly emotional and intense Scorpio moon, and the Capricorn Sun that is very driven and pragmatic. My Leo Ascendant takes away from the secretiveness of my Scorpio Moon...I am a talker (also have Mars in Sag which contributes to this) rather then a "go to the cave type" although I do need my time alone. Leo's tendency to be overconfident is diluted by my Capricorn constant battle against insecurity. Scorpio's tendency to be suspicious of people's motives is lessened by Leo's open gregariousness. But they say when the Lion goes down- he goes down when I get crushed Leo and Scorpio bring me down really low. But all three have vitality and longevity to help me know I will climb out of the hole again and again and climb to that mountain.

    Also, everyone has one or two planets that may really influence your whole chart depending on how it is set up ( Bucket or Funnel shape versus a See-saw) and also using a dispositor. For me I have a Funnel (1 planet that has more then 60 degrees on either side before any other planets). It overshadows and permeates my whole char t- and it is the Taskmaster Saturn.

    In the interplay between Leo's showiness and Capricorn disdain for the limelight I can feel Saturn the most.
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      i have capricorn sun and scorpio moon as well, with pisces ascendant. my moon and sun act in the same ways as yours, but i'm not sure how the pisces plays in. i'm not as overtly sentimental, i don't think, as pisces ascendants are supposed to be, and i suppose that's due to the fatalistic capricorn and the secretive scorpio. but people know me for being artistic, which is a typical pisces rising trait.
    • I have a similar triangle, with Cap Sun, Scorp Moon, and Sagittarius Asc. I find that the Sagittarius rising does keep me on a brighter side, and helps keep me from getting too moody at times, causing me to laugh if anyone does anything funny!

      In response to the overall topic: I don't know how people can divide it into one being overpowering, they have such a blend in each person, I think people should be able to tell which parts reflect which sides of them, and at certain moods or parts of your life the rising might be dominant, but when you're depressed maybe the scorpion moon is dominant.

    -> When most people talk about Rising Sign or Ascendant, they think that is the outer self only. Well, that is not correct. The roots of ascendant or so called rising sign lies in "Side-Real Zodiac Based astrology."

    -> The normal sun-sign or zodiac-sign is found using birthdate only. Because sun is in a sign a whole month. But this sign is using "Tropical Zodiac Based Astrology" (note that for Ascendant Birth Time is necessary)

    -> Tropical Astrology assumes earth is stationary and all planets revolve around it where as the SideReal Astrology uses positions of planets as it is wrt constellation. i.e. sign aligns with the sky constellation of the same name.

    -> In tropical zodiac system(the sun sign we generally use), the concept of rising sign was added very late (by the Irish astrologer Cyril Fagan in 1944 A.D.) where as this rising sign (ascendant) is present in various sidereal system (Parashara, Jaimini etc.) for a very long time (since 3200 B.C - the time of JAIMINI the astrologer/ or PARASHAR the astrologer). In these system Ascendant plays very important part.

    -> Now note that this Ascendant/Rising sign is always same in both system except some times when changing from one to another sign. Our sun sign system has adopted this rising sign concept and many other things which were not present before. THERE WERE ONLY SUN SIGNS, THATS IT. So at the time of adding they still kept Sun Sign prominent and showed rising sign as outer personality only but added that it affects the person. (one had to justify the importance otherwise questions would arise that if ascendant is good then why to use sun signs)?

    THIS IS HOW ASCENDANT SIGN/RISING SIGN became known amongst people.

    If you want to study further try to find & download "Parashara's Light v6.1" SOFTWARE which includes major part of all the astrology books written 5000 years ago.
    Those books says that Ascendant is the most important sign cause it represents self.
    Moon is Emotions and/or Mother and/or Wife
    and 50-60% of personality is influenced by them.


    some body asked how to find dominant sign, and the answer provided was Fixed Signs are dominant signs!
    Now here I want to clarify that the meaning of the question is How to find the dominating sign from your own Horoscope/natal chart
    (not the comparison - which sign is more strong than other generally)

    To find that, again I would advise to use the software I mentioned, which states and draws chart of the STRENGTH of EACH PLANET & EACH SIGN. and DOMINATION OF A PLANET IN "YOUR" CHART (not comparison like taurus is fuxed then it must be stronger than gemini and if your sun is taurus then you are totally strong. this is a wrong impression. we must include all aspects)

    Now suppose neither your sun nor moon and not even ascendant is in aquarius, but your dominant planets are in aquarius, or lets say you have too many planets in aquarius (there are other calculations, too), aquarius will become your dominating sign (NOT BECAUSE ITS FIXED BUT BECAUSE ITS INYOUR CHART) and you will be more influenced by aquarius.

    Of course a person whose dominating sign is gemini(dual) is more tend to act diplomatically and less fiercely, where as a person whose dominating sign is aquarius(fix) will represent his views with more stubbornness and aggressiveness. But 1st you have to find your own dominating sign.
    How? "Parashara's Light v6.1" or read some books

    if dominance of a planet and/or a sign is more than Ascendant or Moon or Sun signs, the person will more likely act as that sign (the dominant one) only. that's why sometimes it may happen that you dont act as your sun/moon/ascendant.

    I hope that this post will clear many doubts. if you still have any questions, you can mail me at
    If you can't find the software, mail me your PRECISE BIRTH DATA (with birth time and exact birth place, along with Latitude & Longitude if birthplace is a small town not known outside your country). when i am free in weekends and if i have nothing else to do I will calculate the details for you.
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    I see it like this:

    Rising Sign: the first thing that people notice about you. it has a lot to do with the way your body looks and reacts.
    it is connected with character qualities that we dont have to develop, that are already inside us and that is why it is so much a part of our personality when we are young.

    moon : our receptive nature, on an emotional level but also on a mental level. the moon sign colors the way we reflect the light that comes from other "suns" and that can be on an emotional. mental or spiritual way.
    i feel it has a lot more to do with ego then the sun sign and that the moon is much more influenced from the way others act think or doing thing then the sun is.

    sun: the most impersonal point of the three. I'm a cancer sun and i never take pride in qualities like nurturing or
    sensitivity to other people feelings that i have which are the cancer stamp of character. i think it represents who we are effortlessly.

    thats my ten cents
    • My rising, sun, Mercury and Mars signs are in Sagittarius. My moon, Venus, and Neptune signs are in Scorpio. I tend to agree with the descriptions I received from for my rising, sun, Mercury & Mars (Sagittarius); moon & Venus (Scorpio); Jupiter (Aquarius) and Saturn (Capricorn). I did my chart because I was bored at work and am (was?) agnostic regarding astrology. I am very tempted to order the full chart. Has anyone ever paid for the detailed astrological profile Astrolabe/www. Was it worth it?

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