Personality Traits Associated with the Lunar Sign of the Scorpion

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Self-reliant, strong, and passionate by nature, the Scorpio-moon person lives life at a high level of intensity and is driven to explore its mysteries.

Those with the moon in Scorpio are usually tough and resilient, able to face change and adversity with courage and turn bad luck to their advantage in the long run.

Lunar Scorpios Are Self-Reliant and Strong
The lunar Scorpio is ambitious, persistent, determined, and forceful, with a powerful personal magnetism. Leadership ability usually comes with this placement.

Unless the sun and ascendant are in fire or air signs, the Scorpio-moon person tends to be an introvert, preferring to work alone, and seeking out a small group of close friends rather than acquiring a large circle of acquaintances.

Self-reliant survivors, Scorpio-moon people are usually good in a crisis, and are often at their best when situations are at their worst. In difficult circumstances, the Scorpio strength and courage come to the fore, enabling them to perform well under pressure.

Scorpio-Moon People Are Interested in the Intangible Aspects of Life
The lunar Scorpio seeks to understand life’s mysteries. These mysteries may be explored directly via scientific inquiry or indirectly through occult studies or spiritual pursuits. Many moon-in-Scorpio people experience events that are not easily explained by science, such as predictive dreams or connections with the afterlife, and they are often drawn to ideas and experiences that frighten other people.

Scorpio-moon people also seek to understand human psychology. They are extremely intuitive about the emotions of others, and they are good at getting people to confide their secrets. Kindhearted lunar Scorpios use this knowledge to provide comfort and practical assistance when needed, but an unethical Scorpio-moon person may exploit it to take advantage of other people’s weaknesses.

Moon-in-Scorpio People Experience Intense Emotions
There is a tendency toward extremes whenever Scorpio is prominent in the natal chart, and so Scorpio-moon people tend to experience profound loves and hatreds rather than simply perceiving others as either pleasant or irritating. This trait is particularly evident in relationships with women, both romantic and platonic.

Although the moon-in-Scorpio person has a passionate nature, he is in firm control of his emotions when others are watching. He is prone to jealousy, rage, and anguish, but also exalted feelings of euphoria. Many people with this moon sign have a secret sorrow related to their families or childhoods.

Scorpio-moon people can be secretive and difficult to know. They hide their true feelings from others, as they can’t stand to show vulnerability and risk another person having power over them. A hedonistic streak combined with a tendency to suppress feelings also increases the risk of addiction.

Rejection and betrayal seem to hit Scorpio-moon people harder than others, and they are unlikely to forgive or forget. Resentful of those they believe have slighted them and inclined to hold grudges, Scorpio-moon people can be vindictive unless the sun or ascendant is in a more peaceable sign. With lunar Scorpios, a kindness is never forgotten, and it is likely to be repaid tenfold, but the same goes for a cruelty. Due to this tendency, Scorpio-moon people make loyal, supportive friends and fierce enemies.

The lives of Scorpio-moon people are often characterized by emotional drama, either their own or that of those around them. Easily bored with anything superficial or lukewarm, they seek to forge deep connections with other high-intensity people, even when these connections are volatile and traumatic.

Given the association of Scorpio with death and rebirth, it is unsurprising that Scorpio-moon people seek high-intensity experiences and often make sweeping life changes, particularly when under stress. Rarely content with halfway measures, the Scorpio-moon person will often overturn her life and burn some or all of her bridges if she feels the need to renew herself.

Emotional security for the lunar Scorpio comes through establishing a loving partnership or platonic friendship where he can be sure of the other person’s loyalty. Fiercely protective of those he cares about, the moon-in-Scorpio person is inclined to risk great danger to ensure the safety and happiness of those close to him.

If other planetary placements and aspects in the natal chart incline the person toward gentleness and balance, the lunar Scorpio can be extremely compassionate, generous, and altruistic, and these traits will be enhanced in times of stress. If she feels that the cause is just or the individual worthy, the positive Scorpio-moon person will make noble sacrifices.

Famous People with the Moon in Scorpio
Some famous people with the moon in Scorpio include:

Alanis Morissette
Alfred Hitchcock
Aristotle Onassis
Avril Lavigne
Charles Chaplin
David Schwimmer
Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Taylor
Harry Hamlin
Henry Miller
J. Paul Getty
Jimmy Carter
John Steinbeck
Nelson Rockefeller
Patrick Stewart
Shannen Doherty
Steven Spielberg
Truman Capote
Warren Beatty
Whoopi Goldberg
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    Great article. Not one point of contention. Thank you for sharing :) E
    • Yeah, i love this!
      • I just found this
        Crystals For Scorpio Moon Sign

        Moon Crystal: Smoky Quartz
        Intuition Crystal: Herkimer Diamond

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        Smoky Quartz is also great for you to release negative energies that seem to stay stuck in you, and will help release your dark emotions. It will facilitate in you finding your new areas of enlightenment and transformation.

        You are capable of tremendous self-transformation and you know and do have the capacity of surviving almost anything. This makes you a great leader and teacher for those that are facing challenges in their life. You tend to be an excellent healer as you can see beneath the surface of things and this helps all who come to you for your insight.

        Carry a Rutilated Quartz with you at all times as it helps you connect with your soul and brings out all your best qualities, and lets you soar above your challenges rather than dwell in the dark places, which can be your tendency.

        You have a real need for commitments from others and if you are in an environment that doesn't support that, you feel very insecure. You can tend to hold onto the past, be compulsive, forceful and you wonder in the areas of your subconscious mind, this is all natural for you and it is why you are such a good healer, teacher and leader, as you are willing to travel these paths and sort of be the trailblazer of these insights. Again, this is a perfect reason to wear or carry a Smoky Quartz, this will keep you in balance and it will also help you so you don't get lost in your dark emotions.

        Use an Agate to release old emotional blocks, resentment, power struggles, abandonment and any old trauma that seems to plague you. If this seems to a constant or usual tendency for you, wear or carry this crystal with you at all times and it will release and clear out all of these tendencies that seem to be unconsciously motivating your present behavior.

        It would be cool to have the crystal
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    I think this just about says it all. Whenever I am made to feel badly about myself, my god given nature I can always turn to this site and read something that makes me realize I am exactly as I am supposed to be. It is challenging but it is my destiny to be fullfilled.
      Next to a Capricorn Moon, Scorpio is traditionally presumed to be one of the more twisted Moons you can buy.
      If being passionate, caring, profound, creative, and sexy is twisted, I'm ready to leap into the pretzel machine in the next sixty seconds. This may be a tough Moon sign, because the challenge is nothing less than mastery of the self.

      Ach, and here's the rub! So many of us are threatened by displays of deep emotion that Scorpio Moons learn to hide their feelings when they are young. By the time they grow up, they've gotten good at hiding their reactions from you. What's unfortunate is that they have also learned to hide their reactions from themselves.
      The men, especially, need a woman who's a bit of a psychologist, someone patient enough - and tough and fearless enough! - to help them to dig out the feelings they're so afraid to show.

      The trickiest game they play boils down to a recurring, hidden script: "I dare you to guess what I need. I'll drag a red herring all over your path so you can't figure me out. And if you're not clever enough or caring enough to guess, I won't let you in."

      Sometimes they use drugs, alcohol, or sneaky affairs to fool themselves that they are coping with themselves. Eventually their inherent intelligence decides to take over and in a swoop they give up their smoke-screen vices. You can't make them do it. But when they are ready, this Moon has the most courage and more will power than all the other signs put together. It isn't that they need courage to give up affairs or drugs or drink; it's the courage to look the fears in the face, fears that create need for vices.

      They're fun to sell to. Let it be noble, let it be bizarre. Hang in tough, present your wares in a matter-of-fact manner. A take-it-or-leave-it stance seems to work the best. This Moon thinks it's John Wayne. He likes anyone who acts proud, talks tough, and walks tall.
      You can tell these hip-shooters anything. They keep secrets.

      Crisis is their favorite hobby. Give them some extreme situation, and they're in their element - Rocks of Gibraltar. They will create a crisis, or at least a burst into tears every so often, in order to release the steam that builds up inside. Police work, psychology, and rescue missions are all part of their talents.

      Once they understand that they perceive even ordinary everyday occurrences as threats to their own authority, there is a chance of draining off some of the poisonous paranoia that plagues these frightened people. They need to feel in control so badly that they fail to see what's really going on. Then they strike out, cruelly, to let you know how badly you've hurt their feelings.

      A day dawns when it occurs to them that it's okay to have vulnerable feelings and that sharing those feelings with someone you trust is the best protection against not getting hurt. Until that day they live out their emotional days alone.

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