Scorpio moon women are said to be femme fatale

topic posted Sun, June 3, 2007 - 8:49 PM by  DolceLuna
This is not what I beiieve to be true. I am lunar scorpion woman and I dont feel myself being a femme fatale, maybe I misunderstand the real meaning of being a femme fatale. Can someone explains me about being a femme fatale? The true is that I am a strong woman and intense of emotions, sometimes when a man makes something wrong too me, I try to make him feel how I felt when he did hurt me. But if a man treats me well and is fair, I am always sweet to him and try to give the best to him. So I am not a femme fatale, Anyways I want to know if lunar scorpion women are like this to be able to make it a fact about this moon sign.
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    remember one thing, its you who use the enregy and not the enregy that uses you. so you can be everything!
    • right, I see that I use my energy for good (artistic matters), so I dont have to worry that this moon sign is bad actually. Anyways the depth and intensity is always there in me, it won't never change that. How about you? what is your sun and moon sign? how do you see yourself?
      • it depends, really, a scorpio moon can mean the talent is there, somewhere, but you really need something else to have the whole attitude.

        man, me?

        i just love femmes fatales.

        black/dark hair + green eyes + black/dark colors outfit + disregard for conventional values

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        i'm a scorpio sun (born at the cancer decan), and cancer moon..
        how do i see myself? i see myself as an individual, as a man of his own traits and thougths, mood can change every few minutes if i'm alone but when i'm with friends i am usualy stable and feel comfortable (moon 11th house) so maybe i'm too much dependable on others sometimes, i usualy intiate meeting with friends here and there..
        i know what is intensity, i can feel it, but i try to teach myself everyday how to deal with intensity and when it needs to be and when it dont need to be, i try to learn how to detach from what i dont need to be connected to, etc..
        no only i have a scorpio sun, i have also mars, pluto, and mercury in scorpio, and i'm feeling good with who i am, i dont hide myself from others, try to be the most honest i can from day to day.. i dont feel surounded by darkness, i feel sprinkled by light actualy, but it came from long lasting inner fights..
        so yeah, to be a scorpio is a bless if you ask me, the only thing to make it a bless is to learn how to open yourself more.. and you dont need to give much atention to the conservative society also! its realy not hard to be scorpio, only if you think its hard it will be and thats it :P
        • goat... you are a civilized scorpio :) that is good...haha hard to believe that you can express yourself easily, I am easygoing but it does not mean that I won't lose my shyness to people. I work in a public place and now I see that having eye contact with people is so important, so i have to do it. There are times that I am like a counselor and try to help somebody emotionally, the good thing is that I am empathetic and kind of healer or something like a mentor.

          I do desserts so anytime when I see a man who is depressed, I give him some dessert and then he feels relieved or kind of comfortable. I see that food is a wonderful tool to attract the hearts of men.

          I am learning from you goat... intensity is not so good for some things but for other things it is essential, such as when pursuing a goal for our lives.
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    femme fatals?...isnt that something like *dangerous/very attractive/charming/magnetic* women that leads to your downfall or a female black widow spider? It attracts you with its pheromones, mates with you and eats you up afterwards and I dont mean in a good way either, more like post mating snack.

    Mata Hari is known to be a scorpio moon sign, her sun is in basically this chic oozes out sex has a taste for over indulgence =), I provide a link just for you. its a very interesting read on femme fatals with abit of astrology mixed in.
    • very good article Thanks
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        Seduction in an amazing process. (Is anyone old enough to remember 30 Something?)

        Femme fatale means man killer, fatal attraction, bitch. So a woman looks at a man and he thinks she is flirting and a woman looks at a woman and she becomes threatened. It is more bad words thrown at women to make them feel bad about themselves. If a woman has sex she is a slut, if a man has sex he is the man.

        Personally I treat men and women the same. No difference. When someone makes it through my reserves and draws me out. FF to them.

        Being a Scorpio Moon person is a blessing in disguise. And Femme Fatale is just one of it's masks.
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    When I truly love someone I give them everything they need even if it means I go without. I will admit that I DID love stirring things up in a club, turning them on then tossing them aside. I liked having that power over men, especially the egotistical ones. You can always tell when I like a person, I'll go out of my way NOT to flirt with them. If I respect someone then I don't play with them like that. I'm not like that anymore, I've grown up a lot and I've mellowed. Just don't piss me off lol
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      just out of curiousity...when "they" piss you off, do you consider it a challenge and/or a way of proving to you that they are not intimidated by you, or is this a reason for you to play with them only to break them?
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        I was only joking about that last part. Not many people get my sense of humour for some reason.
        Like I said, I've mellowed an awful lot. I'm 25 now, married with 2 children and cinge when I think of my old "sport"
        I think mostly I did it to prove to myself that someone wanted me, low self esteem.
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          I think I resented the fact that they wanted the mask I wore rather than me, that they never saw past it. It was like once I proved I could have them, I hated them for wanting me. I had issues lol
          • There's a saying which I'm sure some of you are familiar with "Hath No Fury like a Woman Scorn",, well that should definitely be changed to "Hath No Fury like a Scorpio Woman Scorn". It's pretty crazy and keeps you on your toes!

            I can't believe that none of you guys have had any "crazy" moments of Pluto revenge. I definitely have, although I try to keep it under wraps most of the time and reserve it for those guys that do me really really wrong and that i care enough to waste my time to do it. The last thing I did, I didn't premeditate it, it just snowballed.. but I got him good! He definitely deserved it!!

  • i have a scorpio moon and i'm a big flirt...its kinda in my eyes. I always give off a sexual vibe even without trying.. and if im talking to a guy whom im not interested in at all this becomes a problem
    i dont know how else to put it but its kinda magical quality.
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      Oh my god Sarah, same thing here. I always have guys telling me I've been flirting with them all night when I haven't been. I always make eye contact when I speak to people, I thought it was just polite. Apparently not. I have guys telling me I've been "looking at them a certain way" all night when really I've just been having an innocent conversation. I've even had guys say I've been doing this even though I'd been sitting beside my husband all evening. Like I said, I was a huge flirt before I got married but I only have eyes for one man now so it's puzzling.
      • haha yeah its the weirdest thing!! I noticed that my friend I'm kinda seeing who has a scorpio moon too, does it with his eyes also!
        Its just the way that a scorp moon can see right through a person and its intimate or something..and that could be taken the wrong way. but if i am talking to somebody i make eye contact and sometimes it creeps me out. also the physicality of my moon sign, i guess I put off a sexual vibe, i feel very comfy in my own skin so that gets expressed too.
        so i can see how scorpio moon women can be the femme fatale, i have always thougth this!
        • a "femme fatale" would be experienced more by the observer (& victim) than by the person, herself ~ it's the kind of thing that's 'easier' to see from the outside ~ you could be one & never know it......

          love all-ways,
          • you are so right, by the way, being a scorpio moon woman is not easy, it takes so much time to be able to trust men. I would like to be able to read the mind of men and know exactly what they perceive from a particular woman. Only a virgo guy could find out the real me, he wanted to date me more and more but I could not because I felt like he just could find out who I am. I am libra and i feel like being dominated by my moon sign at the same time.
    • Re: Scorpio moon women are said to be femme fatale

      Sat, January 30, 2010 - 6:22 AM
      I know what you mean. There was this guy who thought I was interested in him and we were just friends. He thought I as leading him on and wasn't.........consciously anyway.
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        Re: Scorpio moon women are said to be femme fatale

        Sun, January 31, 2010 - 10:50 AM
        Darkfairy, that has happened to me so many times it isn't even funny. Now I am very wary of starting friendships with men, in case it happens again.

        Dolceluna the only guy that I've ever wanted to spend my life with (He's my husband) is Virgo. . I have cancer sun as well as scorp moon. He is Virgo with aquarius moon, but he does have moon square pluto, so I don't know if that makes us similar.
        • Re: Scorpio moon women are said to be femme fatale

          Sun, January 31, 2010 - 4:48 PM
          It makes me wonder about other people and if they got that vibe. It's a double edged sword. I'm hurt that he's hurt and that we can't be friends anymore :(
          And I know what you mean about making friends with guys. I just can't seem to have it! They always want more of me O_O I think there is one guy friend I have who isn't like that......but we aren't close, haven't talked to him in years *rolls eyes*
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    Sun, January 31, 2010 - 8:41 PM
    Older Astrology texts vere much more explicit about the Scorpio Moon qualities - and negative.
    Descriptions cited loss of reputation due to vile (especially sexual) behavior, selfishness, possessive and violent in revenge, etc.
    Sadly, I sold off a number of ancient re-prints and pre-1920's Astrology books some time ago,so I can't quote directly therefrom.

    Some of the verbage was a result of a more conservative society condemning that which was not "Correct" in the mores of the time.

    Googling about, I've found one citation close to the older versions:

    "Scorpion Moon sign of ladies indicate plumpness and weight, dark or fair complexion, superfluous hair on body. Body is well-proportioned. Such ladies are arrogant, proud, jealous and vindictive. Of loose and bad morals, excess drinking and other vices.
    Strong constitution and robust health. Shrewd, passionate, revengeful, can do anything and commit crimes connected with revenge. Fond of spices and hot food. Cold blooded and heartless. Unsympathetic.
    They have many secret friends and associates, may gain wealth through questionable means."

    Femme fatale Indeed, with blood-sucking sociopath overtones !

    Found on this site:
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      Mon, February 1, 2010 - 1:14 PM
      Yea, I hate that alot of sites say many bad things about Scorpio moons, especially women. They need to take into consideration the other signs. It's not something I do intentionally. And same for manipulation.
      It took me a long time growing up to find out that I was apparently very attractive to men, no one ever came up to me! And still don't. Is that part of it too? Are we intimating?
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    I also don't think so, and I've never witnessed it either. Like you, if a man is ok to me then I am to him, but if he hurts me somehow I will make him feel the same so he can understand what he did. That's not femme fatale, it's wanting to keep things even.
    I am not sure exactly what a femme fatale is, but I'm not one.
    It annoys me as well when I read such nonsense about this moon sign written by people who clearly don't understand.
    • lol if you don't know what it is than how can you say it's nonsense and written by people who don't understand?
      It's not a bad thing......well for the women lol
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        I don't know what it is. When I say nonsense I mean misunderstanding . It's easy for people to misunderstand and stick labels on that aren't true when you look beneath.
        Maybe the potential is there, I don't know. Men don't come up to me, though they are attracted, they seem to be afraid. Maybe that's why.
        But I don't like labels.
        • They don't come up to me either, I know they are afriad. But they do stare O_O
          Of course everything in a chart is relative to the other parts in it and to how the individual uses it. This is one of them.
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            I always wondered why they take things no further than ogling, I thought maybe they were married, but that doesn't always stop them does it? Only recently I've realised it's me they don't approach but I didn't know why! They look afraid, and for some of them they need to be, lol, but for others I'm equally nervous!
            Makes it hard to meet someone! What makes it worse is that I won't approach them, I want them to come to me! Anyway, a man needs to be a strong enough person not to be afraid to be with a scorpio moon!
            • I know how you feel. For a long while I thought guys didn't want me. But what I've noticed is that they go through my friend LOL They tell her about it, that's how I would find out. Funny cause they are terrified of me yet guys are very comfortable around her, they spill their guts to her. I also have a lot of Cap in me, so that doesn't help my moon any, plus the general cool detachment of my Aqua sun. Although I'm not a very relationshipy person, so I'm fine on my own, I like it because it keeps them away lol, but not if it's someone I want. : \ Then it adds the trouble of just meeting someone.
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                Keeps them away, lol. At least only those strong enough to handle the character would approach. There are plenty of dead-heads where I live that I want to keep away, I wish it would stop them looking too, some of them!
                There's one guy who keeps staring at me lately and he's going through my mother, of all people! Asking her about me.
                I know what you mean, I'm not 'relationshipy' either, I find I make trouble in a relationship, push the boundaries make drama, sometimes because I feel the person's getting too close and I want some distance. On the other hand, I want them to be closer to me than anyone else!
                Yes, mixture of cap, aqu would have that effect, that's an interesting personality. My mother has that mix, though her moon is aqu. I have cap rising.
  • I think femme fatales are just misunderstood scorps. :) people tend to get nervous and think we have this and that agendas when we're just interested of pushing people's buttons.

    • One thing about Scorpio women, Plutonian women: I've imagine them "Morticia style".
      Dark hair, pale skin, dark eyes, red mouth. Maybe corsets, fishnet clothes, boots... many Scorpio women I've known fall on this. But that dont make them "femme fatales".

      I think femme fatale is a woman who knows what she want.
      • That sounds more like Sags. Always pushing it over the top to get attention. :) I imagine Lauren Bacall, or Angelica Huston perhaps? We know what we want, and we want to get beyond things, and are unafraid, and a lot of people just dont like that. They want to keep that huile of objectification up on the piedestal to gain control over things inbefortehand, to not feel manipulated when we're ahead of the game. But they dont get that it's not manipulation, it's the honest quest for truth and what life's all about. :)
        And yeah you could be right, femme fatale's probably arent scorpio's we are not that attention seeking. some might be depending to their chart etc hehe.
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    i once met a "Scorpio Moon Woman" that turned out to be a "Femme Fatale" (according to the Wiki definition) ... well almost "Fatale" ... i did survive to tell the story; btw, she did not "dressed in black" @ all
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      I have a French Female Friend, who's a Moon in Scorpio.

      I tease her to bits about her Boyfriend. She know's I don't mean any harm, and take's it well.

      I say thing's like OO la la, and C'est le mour, because she's French. I always crack her up when I do that to her.
      • I think I do manipulat emen sexually who I think are the "players" and treat women like object. so it's kind of thrilling to objectify them, But a nice guy who is respectful... I wouldn't do that with. I'm a Pisces with scorp. rising & moon, so I think about sex alot - but I hate to feel too tied down or restricted & thats the reason I lhave left most of my partners. It's funny, I was thinking about getting a black widow spider tattoo, though & I never thought about this association. lol
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          I suppose I do that, play, manipulate. I never thought about it before, I always saw it as just protecting myself. I've seen a few flames over the years and they're still trying to get in there with me. There's no chance. I joke with my friends that it seems that the worse I treat them, the more they chase. It was always just reaction to whatever they caused me to feel, but I guess it could be seen like that if you didn't know what my motivation was for being like that.

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