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Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac. It's a sign that's reputation precedes it. When the sign inhabits the Moon in a person's chart, it is said to be in its fall. Moon in Scorpio people, therefore, have acquired a negative reputation in some astrology circles as tormented, destructive, and terribly dark people. While it is true that definite struggles come with this Moon sign, these people are also full of rich inner resources.

The source of both pleasure and pain for Scorpio Moon people comes from their emotional intensity. Everything is felt at a high velocity. Scorpio Moons don't just experience happiness, sadness, or anger. They feel total ecstasy, anguish, and rage. The emotions are extreme and the instinctual side is very pronounced. Because of this, Scorpio Moons have learned to hide their feelings as a means of self-protection. Thus, they can be seething with intense passion but projecting a cool exterior to the outside world. Because of this, Scorpio Moons possess a definite aura of mystery.

Scorpio Moons are not easy people to understand. However, they seem to understand others effortlessly. They possess tremendous insight and can intuitively discern people's weaknesses, strengths, and emotional states. They are natural born psychologists who understand, and are compulsively drawn to, the mysterious and darker side of life. Despite a tendency to be manipulative and secretive, Scorpio Moons are often very honest people, perhaps a little too honest for most. What others want to sweep under the rug, a Scorpio Moon is determined to confront.

Their determination knows no limits and they are obsessive and sometimes ruthless in their pursuits. This type of extreme drive usually ensures their success in whatever they do and they are the ultimate survivors. Despite all of their toughness, though, they are highly sensitive and easily hurt. This is where the need for all those emotional barriers come in. Most people never see this side of a Scorpio Moon since they fear being too vulnerable. It's very difficult for them to trust others and to open up. This is why they are often so misunderstood and they struggle with chronic feelings of loneliness. They are very selective about who comes close to them. But those who do will benefit from the extraordinary passion, empathy, and loyalty of a Scorpio Moon. RSS Feed what is XML?

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